Mérens horses
Domaine de Sié
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Combining tradition and modernity

We want to keep the characteristics which have made the Mérens breed such a success : hardiness, strength and versatility. However, at the same time we want to develop the qualities essential for a good riding horse, motivation, balance and strength of character.

Cheval de Merens

To do this, for over 30 years we have selected our brood mares and stallions with great care. The mares are all trained in riding and driving and this helps us to get to know their characters very well. Our stallions have not only passed the test standards but have also won the highest awards for the breed (we have had 6 Supreme Champions).

To do this, we raise our horses in the open air and in herds where the natural hierarchy teaches the young ones appropriate social behaviour .To this end we practise the principles of ethological horse-rearing from birth.

To do this, we take immense care over weaning at 6 months and with the on-going education of the foal until they are broken in gently at the age of 2 ½ .By the time they are ready for sale our animals are confident and have respect for their owners.

The result of our efforts ? A horse which is easy to maintain, well brought up, level headed, confident and sweet natured. In this way they become great family companions.

Cheval de Merens
Cheval de Merens